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Building Your Own Image

To build your own custom balenaOS image, refer to the README for respective device type repository hosted in the balenaOS GitHub org for more information.

Identifying the right repository is important. All device type repositories will start with balena-*, and all device types built by a repository define a device type coffee file named with device meta-data for the build pipeline and balenaCloud to injest. Find the correct coffee file for your machine name and read the slug field from it. For example, to find the right repository for the device type Raspberry Pi 3.

  1. Find the Machine Name for the board you are looking for. In this case, Raspberry Pi 3's slug is raspberrypi3.
  2. Next, search for the file on the GitHub Org search
  3. From the results, we will find the repository called balena-raspberrypi containing the file.
  4. Refer to build information section in the repository to find instructions to build your custom operating system.

All coffeescript file are named based on Device type slugs. Similarly here are some examples for other popular devices.

Device TypeGitHub Repository

To build your own image, refer to Customer Board Support section of docs.